Safety and Environmental Risk Assessment via FMEA Method in NEWPIPE Company Research Subject

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Environmental Management_ Safety, Health and Environment, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Iran


The purpose and necessity of this project due to the high importance of safety risks and environmental variety of industries, especially the production of polymer pipes, as well as the risks involved in the type of process and materials used in the polymer and pipe industry and risk assessment for these industries is very important. This project uses FMEA techniques as well as job safety analysis identify risks in the polymer and piping industry. The methodology of this project uses the FMEA technique to identify the hazards and risks of various parts of factory, then put the results in the risk matrix and classify them and propose remedial measures for each level. This project uses the job analysis method to identify hazardous activities and take corrective actions for those activities, then compare the results and risks identified in the two methods FMEA and JSA. After performing the above-mentioned methods, the high-level risks are identified and ranked and the relationship between the high-level risks in both methods will be discovered. The result of this project uses risk-adjusted methods to control risks and, at the end of the project, it creates a database and resource for industry managers to prevent events.