Experimental evaluation of replacement of recycled mineral aggregate on the green pavement specifications using the non-destructive testing method

نوع مقاله : مقاله پژوهشی


1 یزد صفائیه- بلوار دانشگاه –دانشگاه یزد-پردیس فنی ومهندسی–دانشکده مهندسی عمران

2 aFaculty of Civil Engineering,Yazd university,yazd-89195-741,Iran

3 bFaculty of Science, Department of Geologyy,Yazd university,yazd-89195-741,Iran


In recent years, utilizing concrete pavement in construction roads' pavement has been very popular. Concrete pavement is a compressed concrete which has distinctive features including high durability, low construction costs, and fewer efforts for repair and maintenance. Since that about 75-85% of concrete pavement is composed of stone materials, so utilizing recycled mineral aggregate can have positive environmental effects and enhancing the properties of concrete pavement. The present research addressed the investigation of utilizing five different types of queries' recycled aggregate obtained from Farshe Raahe Mehriz mines, Choghart and dolomite of large farm on the concrete pavement's strength. The types of these aggregates include Lime, Calcite, Albite Quartz, Amphibolite and Delomite. Some mechanical tests have been performed to determine the strength specifications of recycled mineral aggregate. Then, the concrete samples were made using compression test, and some non-destructive strength tests, including electrical resistance, Schmidt stiffness, and uniaxial compression strength have been performed on the samples. The results show that utilizing quartz aggregates prepared from tectonic blocks of Choghart mine pit, due to the high contents of silica, will lead to an increase in stiffness of concrete samples than the other aggregates used. .